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Accommodation options we can book

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Bus/Water Taxi Transport

Bus Transport Options/Operators

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Milford Cruises


Winter Walking


Track Transport Packages, Hiking Essentials Packages & Premium Hiking Packages

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Car relocation (recommended) or bus transport and also water taxi options. Advance booking required. Book transport separately (here) or as part of a hiking or transport package (under packages).

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Hiking Food

Tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare food to get you up those hills. Selected specifically for your tastes and dietary requirements.

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Gear Hire

Hire quality gear, which is ideal for your Great Walk. saving luggage space and airport effort. Available separately or as part of a package.

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Bespoke Packages

Car Relocation Add On's

Rental Cars

Hire a Rental Car through Easyhike - Easy!

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